The international network PowerUs was developed in a partnership of four parties – Shaping our Lives in Great Britain, Lillehammer University College in Norway, Rainbow Sweden, Sweden and School of Social work at Lund University in Sweden. The partnership has been sponsored by the Leonardo program ”Transfer of Innovation”.

The initial project time has lasted from October 2011 to October 2013. During these years, the PowerUs network has been getting contact with colleagues from all over the world who share an interest in service user participation in research, education and practice. There has been two additional participating countries who have been taking part of the PowerUs meetings and actions – Metropol University College in Denmark, and Faculty of Social Work, Health Care and Nursing Sciences in Germany. These partners have been introducing methods of service user participation in their curriculum inspired by the PowerUs network.

During the initial years PowerUs has held four workshops in three countries with the purpose to learn from each other, discussing gap mending methods, and organizing joint actions. PowerUs have been present in several international conferences, for instance the World Conference on Social Work and Social Development in Stockholm 2012 and the 3rd Ensact Istanbul Conference 2013.

The partners in PowerUs have developed a common charter and invite colleagues from all over the world to embrace our principles. In this report you can read our charter, but also take part of what is happening in our countries in regards to service user participation in social work research, education and practice development.