Social work practice

Social work practice in Germany

In Germany there are two different types of universities which educate social workers: social work can be studied at a “university of applied sciences” or simply at a “university”. Both types of universities offer degree programs at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level. Most students finish their studies at the Bachelor’s level in universities of applied sciences.

The working fields are various and cover the whole field of marginalization in society. In addition the students are prepared for the whole social/pedagogical field. The main working fields are:

  • children and youth services
  • education and family support
  • day-care and residential geriatric care
  • social work for women
  • social work for unemployed people
  • social work for homeless people
  • social work in the health care system
  • social work in the field of addiction
  • social work in companies (Chassé, Wensierski 2008)

Social work is in part case work, in part community work and in part group work. Social work is undertaken by charities, local communities and municipalities, hospitals, private companies and health insurance companies.