IASSW & Powerus Webinars

All are welcome to join us for a series of Webinars organised by IASSW and PowerUs on “Critical Perspectives on Service User Participation and experiential knowledge”. Every month of the year 2024 a webinar will be held by members and colleagues of PowerUs on the overall topic, and we hope to have good and important discussions. The webinar series is a unique cooperation between IASSW and the PowerUs network. In the beginning of 2024 the presentations will be presented in the IASSW produced magazine Social Dialogue. 

Webinar eight with Swati Banerjee

In this webinar professor Swati Banerjee from Tata Institute, Mumbai, India will speak about "Participatory Methodologies: A Pedagogy in Knowledge - Justice and People-Centered Social Innovation. Please join the discussion. In this webinar Professor Swati Banerjee...

Webinar seven with Alie Weerman

In the seventh webinar professor Alie Weerman from Windesheim university, the Netherlands will speak about Critical reflection on the professionalisation of experiential knowledge.

Webinar six with Peter Beresford

In this webinar professor Peter Beresford talks about "The Future of Social Care - From Problem to a Rights Based Sustainable Solution". Peter Beresford is from London, UK and is also chair for the Organisation Shaping Our Lives.  

Webinar five with Jean-Pierre Wilken

Welcome on Friday the 12/5 15.30 CET. Jean-Pierre Wilkens from Utrecht, The Netherlands will talk about experiential knowledge. You can see the webinar in the YouTube link below!  

Webinar four with Kristel Driessens & Pascal Maes

People in poverty as tandem partners in social work education 15/4 CET, Kristel Driessens & Pascal Maes, Karel de Grote University of Allied Sciences, Anwerp, Belgium Kristel Driesssens and Pascal Maes from Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences, Antwerp,...

Webinar two with Cecilia Heule and Tabitha Wright Nielsen

Welcome to this webinar by Cecilia Heule and Tabitha Wright Nielsen from Lund University about "Gap-mending as a Critical and reflective Practice". You can see the webinar in the Youtube clip below!   https://youtu.be/uHlzKy-kXV8 [pdf-embedder...

Webinar one with Ole-Petter Askheim

In this webinar professor Ole-Petter Askheim talks about "Service Users and Academics: Collaborators, not Competitors in Welfare Research". Follow the You Tube link below.   [pdf-embedder url="http://powerus.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Session-1-Flyer.pdf"...

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