There are some interesting research projects that has been and is being done in collaboration with service users in Sweden:

  • Rainbow Quality System (RQS) is a quality assurance system for user-driven organizations engaged in rehabilitation for people with drug problems. RQS is build on a partnership between academic and service user organisations. It has been developed in Rainbow Sweden in collaboration with researchers at the School of Social Work at Lund University. Rainbow Sweden is an umbrella organization for user organizations on the drug addiction field. RQS consists of peer review, training and documentation. Contact: Arne Kristiansen
  • Housing First. In Helsingborg the Housing First-project is under evaluation by Arne Kristiansen, School of Social Work, Lund university. In the first report the service users have been interviewed about how they experience the project. Read more in the Swedish report Sen är det ju mycket det här att man får vara ärlig också och det r man ju inte van vid….