Digital forum with state-of-the-art literature

Repository and website – digital forum with state-of-the-art literature, overview of good practices and other outputs of the project.

Lund University, Sweden, University of Dundy and the Open University, UK



Work package 6 has a lead role

with developing the digital platform for presenting the project findings and resources as well as supporting and overseeing its development. We are able to share some of our experiences developing PowerUs and co-facilitating gap mending projects.



We’ve had a useful debate about where to locate and raise the profile of the Erasmus partnership project. One option was to create a new website however we agreed that the best option would be to build on the success of the PowerUs website that already has a lot of international interest. As partners with key global organisations such as the International and European Associations of social work we have an established platform to promote the project.

We’re gathering information from all partners to conduct a literature review via the template created by Susan (Dundee University, Scotland UK) of the type of review we are conducting and types of literature and research to include. We place a lot of emphasis on resources that come from experiential knowledge.

First newsletter Experiential Knowledge in Higher Education – Erasmus +




Digital forum with state-of-the-art literature

Newsletter Erasmus Strategic Partnership on Experiential knowledge, summer 2023

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Webinar five with Jean-Pierre Wilken

Welcome on Friday the 12/5 15.30 CET. Jean-Pierre Wilkens from Utrecht, The Netherlands will talk about experiential knowledge. You can see the webinar in the YouTube link below!  

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Experience included: Towards an educational design with experience as a source of power and knowledge

At the HU University of applied sciences a group of lecturers, researchers and an educational expert is teaming up to create a educational design where experiential knowledge is included and fits in the current design of the bachelor social work. After getting input...

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Webinar four with Kristel Driessens & Pascal Maes

People in poverty as tandem partners in social work education 15/4 CET, Kristel Driessens & Pascal Maes, Karel de Grote University of Allied Sciences, Anwerp, Belgium Kristel Driesssens and Pascal Maes from Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences, Antwerp,...

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The world’s first Master on Experiential Expertise set to launch in September

Zwolle, April 2023 – Windesheim University of Applied sciences is proud to announce the launch of the world’s first Master on Experiential Expertise, starting in September 2023. The master Experiential Expertise is meant for professionals who wish to take their...

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Working with Experts by Experience

By Nicole den Besten, student Social Work at University of applied science Utrecht. My name is Nicole and I am a student in my final year of Social Work at the Hogeschool Utrecht University of applied sciences (HU). Last year I participated in the “Mend The Gap”...

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Strategic Partnership, Experiential knowledge

Experiental Knowledge in Higher Education is a strategic partnership between twelve universities from ten countries in Europe. The three year project focuses on creating educations on experiental knowledge and building strategies for strengthening and individualizing...

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