Service user participation survey gets 3.5 million SEK in EU-funding

Aug 21, 2017 | Article

The European Social Fund provides 3,5 million SEK in funding for researchers at the School of Social Work to participate in a joint EU-project with Belgian and Dutch colleagues as well as service user representatives. The project will examine and disseminate best practises in service user participation in social work education across Europe. In Sweden the project will particularly study 700 social workers and users who have attended a unique mobilisation course that started 11 years ago at Lund University.
European Social Fund
Published on Mar, 29, 2017

“We hope the project will improve our understanding of the prerequisites for service user participation in European social work education, and show us the impact the mobilisation course has had on course attendees. We are confident that the project will help us develop and deepen our cooperation with our national and international project partners. Finally we wish that the project will inspire and spread ideas on how social work can become more transnational and inclusive”, says researchers Cecilia Heule and Arne Kristiansen who are responsible for the Swedish part of the project.

The EU project will examine barriers, opportunities and the existence of service user participation in research and education in European social work. In Sweden, Cecilia Heule and Arne Kristiansen are additionally going to examine what has happened to attendees of the unique mobilisation course regarding their work and networking opportunities.

Also participating in the project are: Marcus Knutagård, researcher at the School of Social Work, Catrin Albrektsson coordinator at the organization PowerUs, and service user representatives.

The project started in January 2017 and continues until September 2019.

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