Dutch Experts by Experience Victorious in SWSD 2018 Poster Competition!

Jul 12, 2018 | News

Our Dutch experts by experience Dave Bast & Jeffrey van den Oudenalder, together with Hogeschool Utrecht researcher Sascha van Gijzel, took home first prize in the SWSD 2018 poster competition, in Dublin!

We were very proud but not surprized. The work being done at HU, bringing people with lived experience into the classrooms and involving them in research, has been greatly appreciated by the social work students as well as by the experts by experience. This is made apparent by the evaluation presented in the poster (available below).


Dave Bast & Sascha van Gijzel at the PowerUs stall in Dublin.

20180706 poster Dublin SWSD2018

We would like to take this oppurtunity to challenge the readers to come up with a better source of knowledge than direct experience. Note that you may not do so by referring to your own experience. Also, if anyone suggests ‘apriori knowledge’ (mathematical/logical knowledge such as 2+2=4) we will argue that, although such knowledge may have a greater level of certainty, it is rather useless until applied in a real world scenario. We’ll be eagerly awaiting your response. Best of luck!

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