Greetings from Northumbria

Jan 25, 2023 | Article, News, United Kingdom

PowerUs colleague Colin Cameron lets us know that he is getting everything organised for the commencement of the new Mend the Gap: Collaborative Learning with Service Users module at Northumbria this Thursday. Eight students and 10 people from outside the university with a wide variety of life experiences will be coming together to learn from each other over the next few months. 

Colin is also involved with arts. You can find out more here

Here are some of Colin Camerons latest publications:

Cameron, C. (2023)  ‘Disability Studies as a Subaltern Discipline’. In Vatansever A, Kölemen A (eds.)  Academic Freedom and Precarity in the Global North: Free as a Bird. Abingdon: Routledge.

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Cameron, C. (2021) ‘Disability, Normality and Absurdity: A reflection on Stuckist Disability Art’ Disability & Society, Vol. 37:2. Accessible at:

Cameron, C. and Lingwood, L. (2020) ‘What’s wrong with ‘seeing the person first’?’ British Journal of Nursing Vol.29 No.5. DOI: 13.03.20. Accessible at:

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