At the HU University of applied sciences a group of lecturers, researchers and an educational expert is teaming up to create a educational design where experiential knowledge is included and fits in the current design of the bachelor social work. After getting input from different perspectives for a vision a small group is working together with the educational expert to translate this to a design. The input is mainly substantive, based on own experiences and theories and experiences with different educational activities and approaches where experiential knowledge has a major role. After the outlines are clear, we will again work towards what this will mean for our teaching practice in a bigger group. This will give us an insight on what adjustments in current educational activities and approaches is necessary and what needs to be developed. Next to this it will make clear what professionalization is needed. The ersamus project provides inspiration, time and motivation to work on this together.  We hope to present and discuss our results before the summer recess.

By Sascha van Gijzel, University of applied science Utrecht.

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