Initial thoughts – focusgroup principles experiential knowledge

Apr 21, 2023 | Article, Erasmus Strategic Partnership Experiential Knowledge, WP1 – Key Educational Principles, WP7 – Monitoring and evaluation

The aim of the focus groups is to explore the opinions and viewpoint from educators, experts by experience and students about Experiential Knowledge (EK) and the key principles for integrations of EK in the curricula of social work an nursing. In Spain we carried out two focus groups, one with Experts by Experience and educators and another with students in Nursing. Heterogeneity between groups and homogeneity between group members have been guaranteed so that everyone was comfortable.

Some initial thoughts and ideas:

  • The term Experiential Knowledge was not known as such by the students.
  • Reciprocity is considered a key element. It is essential to give a space to think, to generate a space where the participants and the facilitators of the activity think and talk.
  • Even if you have a script, creativity is important, you have to be guided by the creative spirit according to what the participants say.
  • Differences must be cared for, protected and respected.

By Beatriz Rodríguez Martín, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha.

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